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Consists of two parts, one is the simple cap belt made of, one is Department of heavy chain or rope.Training in use, can put it on his head,t25 workout schedule and under the hat drape a disc or other heavy objects, is a special instrument developed neck muscles.Practice is indispensable equipment protection zone.t25 meal plan Especially with the protection of the waist bigger weight squat action role. At the same time can contribute to the strength training,t25 gamma calendar improve the training strength, prevent the occurrence of accidents. The protection zone is generally made of leather or leather.Practice the mirror is composed of the wood frame and the big mirror. People who practice bodybuilding exercises in front of the mirror,t25 video easy to self observation, correct posture.Made of iron or wood, for hand and waist weight do push ups use. There is also a elevated push ups frame, which is composed of a pipe support and support board feet with composition.t25 calendar Training at the neck and waist can be weight-bearing exercises, to increase the difficulty of the exercises, to improve the training effect. Push ups exercise on frame, significantly developed pectoralis major muscle.t25 reviews Press frame is a special instrument to practice of pectoralis major muscle. It has 3 kinds of supine, sitting type inclined and vertical oblique. They are support by steel pipe welding and surface. Horizontal push set is developed pectoralis major muscle group with two sides, sitting and standing press frame is developed pectoralis major muscle group, with lower.